Saturday, May 13, 2017

ufo sighting


there was a lot of dream time that i don't remember, but at some point we were in a small group on a boat in the ocean. it was sunny and clear. someone said something and everyone looked up in the sky. there was a light that was moving fast and in an odd way. when i saw it my heart jumped. then it turned from a light into a solid disc shape, a classic ufo. from a saucer to a hat. everyone got quiet, but you could tell a few were frightened. the ufo came straight at us, then veered off. a part of it splintered off and started spinning, it looked like two small wheels on each side of a spinning 'jack' toy from the childhood game. it became larger and larger until it was about 30 feet across and hit the water, causing a huge splash to hit the boat and everyone in it. then it started speaking, basically telling us to 'get in'. at that point a small panic ensued but i was trying to get in the water to go towards it. it seems like i got in the water but everything went blurry at that point. it was so real, i couldn't barely believe it. but when i woke up i knew i had forgotten something important.  that's all i can remember.


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