Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ripple music fest - wicker basket black metal - mafia drug lord dudes

Today's weird dream:

At a Big Ripple Music fest, there's some huge underground hype black metal duo who wouldn't shake my hand. Lead singer wore a huge wicker basket as his stagewear, only his arms sticking out. They brought a 6 foot stage with them and were up against the ceiling, really dumb. The room was packed until about 4 songs in, when they started clean singing. Later it turned out that some of the stagehands were mafia drug lord dudes. They threatened to kill everyone, but I think I was the only one who knew. Our band brought a sweet sprinter with a refrigerated "chill room" in the back, but everyone partied in the mafia dudes van. It was a massive tour bus that was all black with Night Rider moving lights in the front and back. There was some ex-girlfriend there trying to piss me off, and her kid had stolen my remote controlled car, but I still had the remote. It had a GoPro on it. I was in the process of using it to find out when the mafia dudes were going to kill everyone when I woke up. What?

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