Monday, October 28, 2013

little healer cry - locked in the printer room

This morning's dream: 

we were at some psychic gathering, there were large polished minerals on a glass table. people were crowding around. i saw a 'for sale or trade' sticker on one white marble looking stone. suddenly a little person nudged me. she had light brown feathered hair and a maroon shirt. brown pants. she said she was a healer. i said "heal me" and she grabbed my sides and put her head against me. for a few moments we stood there. then she stepped back and asked if i felt better. i didn't really but i told her i did. my wife and i started to walk away and she smiled. i looked back a few seconds later and the woman was holding her head and crying.

now i'm alone in a room with a bunch of expensive looking printers. one is the size of a car. it's dimly lit. a man comes in and i'm surprised to see him. he is here to do the repair. he presses a button and the top half of the giant printer moves up and creates an opening. he leans in and does some fixing with his tools. i retreat to a smaller room. the man finally leaves and the door locks behind him. i have a cot in the small room and a small radio. it's like i'm waiting for something. suddenly on the radio there is a break in the static and a voice says there are tornadoes outside of Cincinnati. another voice breaks in and corrects the first voice, saying it's south of Cincinnati. the first voice comes back and says "Kentucky, whatever". then a different voice breaks in and says "Tornadoes in Carmel Indiana!" and the lights go out. i'm in pitch blackness. i realize the doors are electronically locked and no one is going to find me. i'm going to starve to death. the fear wakes me up.

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