Tuesday, October 29, 2013

johnny cash's weird, clown horror house in gas city

so this morning's weirdo dream: 

i was riding in a pickup truck with a high school friend. we were driving through gas city indiana, but it looked like a war zone. or detroit. rows of empty houses and urban blight. some houses were just frames.

as we drove along i saw a row of really tall houses. one was tall like a church but it had a room built on top of a spire, and it went out to the left. against the laws of physics and good architecture. i had my friend stop the truck so i could get a photo of it with my phone.

once i got out i noticed all the tall trees around it. none of them had any leaves. the street was just dried dirt. as i'm moving to get a better shot i realize that the house has a large tree running through the center of it that i hadn't noticed. it appears to be supporting the house all the way up to the top spire and weird room.

 then the dream shifts and now i'm a different person, with a family. there are a bunch of kids getting out of the car to look at the same house and i am telling them to stay together. as we get closer to the house i am telling everyone the house has a name, like the 'wilson house' or the 'fountain ace house' but i can't remember.

it dawns on me that i am showing the house to this family, and i am warning the kids to stay away because the house is haunted and it's not safe. and also that johnny cash is the person who owns the house, although he is angry with me for wanting to show it. he specifically told me not to show the house because of the evil that lurks inside.

i lead the kids around to the side of the house, they want to get in and explore. on that side of the house is a large garage door that is covered in clown lights, just like the circus circus sign in las vegas. apparently the house was used for a horror movie involving clowns. eventually johnny cash pulls up, and boy is he angry.

the end?

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