Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bits and pieces

I've had bits and pieces of dreams recently, but they are fleeting. Sometimes when i wake up the dream is right there and i make a mental note to type up as much as i can remember. But later, when it occurs to me that i forgot, the mental note is completely disintegrated, and i'm lucky if i can remember anything.

that being said, this week i had a few dreams that are partially intact. there was one where the band was employed by Prince and we had to record black metal songs as he saw fit.

this morning, or maybe yesterday morning, there was something about having (or finding) a huge stash of old 45rpm singles. there were literally boxes and boxes of them. some of them were priceless and i wanted to sort through them, but my wife wanted me to throw them out.

another dream involved a government mandated evacuation of our area (yet it wasn't my recognizable area) and after rounding up 7 kids (!!) that i don't have, i found myself trying to find which books i wanted to bring, then realizing i hadn't packed up all the animals. and we didn't have enough animal carriers for all of them. at some point i screamed that i didn't believe in the fake government catastrophe and would stay here and die with my animals if that came to be. frustrating to say the least.

there was one other dream that had some scenario that i can't even remember now... except the anguish of being stuck in this frustrating scene that never ended. it was like i kept coming back to the same spot and couldn't find a resolution. and that felt like it went on for hours and hours. i can clearly remember that feeling but not the scenario or setting. weird.

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