Wednesday, March 27, 2013

fish in the garage, floating house trailer

latest dream: was trying to get back to the garage of a high school friend (who we'll call skeeter). skeeter had little aquariums with fish and frogs on shelves in the back by the work bench. i had some fish there, somehow, that i had forgotten or left behind. i needed to get them for some reason. it was life or death.

flash forward. i'm giving a presentation on some  university campus. i'm outside near the bicycle parking. people are gathered around and i am trying to finish quickly because i need to get the fish in my backpack to the garage.

flash forward. i'm in some major home improvement store. i need to get supplies for something and need to get the fish out of my backpack, the container is leaking. jeff martin is there, he insists i take this dust covered book full of record label addresses (which i insist is outdated). but i take it anyway, so he doesn't get angry.

flash forward. i'm in the van and it's after a show. i realize i forgot the fish and check on them, the container is out of water but they are somehow still alive.

flash forward. i'm back in the garage and running to the back. i get the fish into the aquarium but the other fish that i left there look dead. i see his beta's are having a live birth but skeeter is unaware. somehow i accidentally let all the frogs out. i try to catch them but they are everywhere, under the big dark blue van behind me, under the workbench. skeeter tells me not to worry about them.

at some point later i am dreaming another dream. it's night time, we're in the middle of a grassy field with a small river winding through it. there is one spotlight off to the left. hundreds of old people are gathered around and barb and i are mixed in there.

suddenly there is a house trailer floating above the opposite side of the river. a small rope ladder leads up to a door. everyone starts clamoring to get on the ladder. i'm being pushed and pulled from both directions and i start yelling and throwing punches. whoever is at the front can't get the door open and the house trailer floats back and the ladder breaks, but it doesn't fall. i have to turn the ladder into a metal staircase using my mind but first everyone has to get back on the ground. this seems to take forever.

the end?

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