Sunday, March 24, 2013

bot fly larvae & cough medicine

i've been sick as a dog for the past week. then i had this dream this morning.

i was in a kitchen that was different but similar. i took about twice the normal dose of cough medicine because i was feeling so bad. i went to put the pitcher away and when i looked down at my arm, i saw a little worm sticking straight out of it. it looked like the worms you might see when biting into an apple. i grabbed it and pulled it all the way out. the worm was a dull yellow with a black head. it was dead and stiff as a board. on the butt end of it was a clear plastic looking wrap, covering a string of identically round piles of worm dook. about 8 of them. the hole in my arm where the worm had been was pink and deep.

when i went to throw the thing in the trash, i looked at my other arm and there were about 20 of them. all sticking up and out. then i checked under my shirt and there were more. some had been squished when they came out. i was in a mild panic, trying to get to them all. they were starting to fall on teh floor. i knew that the cough medicine had been too much for them. i also knew they were bot flies who never matured but continued to live under my skin after our trip to the amazon.

barb came home but as soon as i tried to tell her about it she held up her hand in my face. "gross! don't even talk about it" the end?

this vide captures how i have been feeling on cough medicine

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