Monday, July 9, 2018

plane crash


i was in a plane flying over the ocean. the sky was sunny and clear. some curly blonde headed dude was looking nervous and pacing near the back of the plane. i got suspicious and went back towards the rear bathrooms. the guy was mumbling to himself and went around a corner. i peeked around and he was gone. i could see a small vent cover had been removed and he had crawled inside it. i ran to tell the flight attendants but the guy had already tripped a security alert. they started yelling and telling everyone to buckle up, but i never made it back to my seat. the plane exploded and was ripped in half. i think i blacked out. when i came to the plane was upside down and there was insane wind and blue sky everywhere. i knew we were falling but i had slipped out of the plane and ended up above it. i could see clear blue water below, coming fast. there was a huge splash into the water and i slipped in myself, like a torpedo. i was able to swim up and catch my breath. there was luggage and debris floating everywhere, chunks of the fuselage. it seemed like there were already people doing a rescue. i was swimming and confused but i finally woke up.

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