Saturday, August 9, 2014

drunken snuggie vs the cops, tourin' via porches, wendys ban

dreams from this morning:

i was in a yard next to a white picket fence type house. it was night. i'm talking to, or trying to convince a cop not to arrest my wife. she has had a few drinks and she's really mad and yelling at them. there is at least 5 or 6 and they want to take her to jail. she's wearing a snuggie. she goes  back in the house and sits on a recliner. we go into the kitchen. i keep talking to the cop, telling him she doesn't need jail, she needs a nap. then i hear them getting angry and i run around the other side from the kitchen into the living room. i'm only wearing boxers and a tshirt. all the cops have sawed-off shotguns and they all freak out and point them at me. i put my hands up and start yelling, "really? gonna shoot me in my underwear?" and they get embarrassed and lower the guns.

later, the band is on tour or something. we're playing a show on the porch of  a tall house somewhere in the south. the porch overlooks a large field. kids are running around and we can't find any power cables or cables for the PA. this goes on forever and the show never seems to start.

then another dream where wendys was banned from serving food forever by the government. people are debating if it was right or wrong. i just thought it was funny

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