Friday, February 15, 2013

breaking bad extreme 2.15.13

another crazy dream: i was starring in some alternate 'final' episode of breaking bad. there was a rogue hacker learning how to download illegal mp3s (winona ryder), i showed her how to use an edison light bulb and a spinning arm to power the 'downloader' in her silver, wifi-enabled van. as i got into the my stakeout position in the school, vans pulled up, cops & lights. busted. i turned to escape but they were already there. inside job.

at this point we're under some bleachers and it's dark. i'm being held with zip ties and they're going to kill me. mr bossman (with the skull face) comes up and starts talking about how i'm a liability. i get kicked in the head chuck norris style and i hit the ground. as i'm lying there, everyone starts choking on the poison. when the cops arrive they don't believe me until my cellphone rings from inside the giant dead guy's butt. then i realize the younger cop has a weird yellow sheen to his eyes and he tells me under his breath to keep my mouth shut. it's only then i see the small wires sticking out behind his ears. borg.

finally a voice-over comes in, it's the end of the episode. he's explaining the next episode. i am sitting on the couch with my folks and i'm saying "no... wait... just play the next dvd", but there is no next dvd(!). the voice goes on. there's a secret meeting in some woods to get to the bottom of the crime syndicate. an unconventional agent (played by christopher walken) says "we don't know what we're dealing with here". i ask him what he means and his eyes go wide. he leaves. i'm driving away down an empty country road wondering what he's talking about when a 30 foot tall, slightly pixelated longhaired dude in biblical robes blocks the road. he puts up his hand and tells me i'm going too far, turn back. i don't. i can't. i finally fast forward to the end and i convinced these aliens take me to an inter-dimensional portal to face the real crime bosses: several extra-dimensional entities which included writer vince gilligan. what? i confronted them but there wasn't anything i could do, as they were nebulous energy forms. i can't remember what they said, or anything after that.

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