Monday, December 8, 2014

bad vacation, weird house, broke down and arrested


we're in some exotic country, with my parents and a tour group. we're milling around inside a hotel with many shops so at some point we miss the information about that evening's dinner. it was a dressy kinda restaurant so i had to go buy a shirt and tie and some pants and shoes, but it seemed like i didn't have the money. i'm looking at the initial itinerary that was printed months earlier, it shows we are meeting for dinner at 1:30am. so my parents and wife and i all are killing time, trying to figure out why dinner is so late. we're getting bored and falling asleep. finally the others return from the actual dinner. i am livid. now it is too late for us to get any food.

the next morning we are killing time in the same series of shops inside the hotel. i walk into what appears to be a shop full of souvenirs with various sizes of buddha statues. as i walk up the steps, a woman grabs my wrist and twists my arm from behind. another woman gets in my face and tells me i can't enter the temple wearing my floppy hat and shoes. i try to argue that i didn't know it was a temple, because it looks like a stupid gift shop. they insist i remove my hat and shoes but i tell them to piss off, i don't want to see the temple anyway.

by this point i am really irritated. i decide to lay on the lobby floor face down, like i am dead. after a while i move, snake-like, without the use of my arms or legs around the marbled floor.

eventually we are sitting at the bar and begin to argue about the previous night's dinner. my dad takes offense and thinks i am mad at him, he wants to fight. i am screaming that it's my fault and i can't believe it happened. i storm out of the bar.

at some point i'm in a tall 3 story house near a large pond. the carpets are all red. the main stairway is in the center of the house, with two large rooms on each side... both with giant rectangular holes in the floor that go down to the bottom level. i don't know who owns the house but i told someone they should get some railings for those holes.

the next scene, i am driving my old red s-10 down a highway in this humid little country. something breaks down and i'm in the middle of the road. my stuff has been thrown and scattered everywhere. i'm slowly picking it up as locals on motorbikes are zooming past, trying not to hit me. finally a guy shows up and parks his bike behind the truck. "i'm helping warn people", he says.

the local police show up. they want to know where my driving papers are. i don't have any. then they are asking about the yellow box truck behind me. it's full of my band gear, but there is no driver and i have no papers for anything. so i go to jail and all the stuff is confiscated.

the end?

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