Wednesday, November 26, 2014

huge house party, flyin through the air, spy business

Nov 26, 2014 11:54am crazy dream: we went to a huge house party. there were two lines of people. one for the upstairs party and one for the downstairs party. the house was dark colored brick on the outside and pinkish-orange on the inside, owned by a friend of a friend. after waiting a long time in line, we finally made it upstairs. within a short time, i somehow pissed off the homeowner, so we were asked to leave. she followed us to a large plastic tote where i grabbed my stuff. then she said she needed to give me a tupperware lid before i left to make sure she entered the sweepstakes(?) we ended up in a hotel room that was also painted pink. we were watching tv, lying on the bed when we heard a loud explosion outside. except the explosion threw us from the bed and myself through the air in a high arc. in sublime slow motion i came crashing down and woke up for a brief moment. later we were spies, living in some small town and conducting our spy business at the local library. another spy would show up and sit on the opposite side at a library desk with those little dewey decimal drawers. we would both pull out the drawer and i would slide the spy info and bomb making materials through to the other side, until the librarian showed up and almost caught us. finally i suggested we leave our hotel rooms, because they were so easily bugged. we went to a local teenage hangout and drank a beer and stayed paranoid. eventually i woke up.

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