Saturday, February 26, 2011

new blog

a new blog. could be good, could be total crap. at the very least it's some sort of motivation to finally finish something i started. what would be cool would be to write without going back and making changes. or just line out the stuff that doesn't stick. or not. because it's good to ramble. or is it?

dream from this morning:

we were going somewhere, i had to get one of our parakeets, lemondrop (aka buttercorn). she was in a small cage on the bed. i reached in for her to step up.
instead of stepping up, she said "baby."
"woah. you spoke. hey this bird just started talking. come on, we need to go now."
in a cartoony, high pitched voice: "waaaait a minute. waaaaait a minute.  your dad could be just around the corner."
"what? so what if he is?"
[end scene]

i think she thought dad might jump out and scare her. but a decent dream nonetheless. weird and memorable.

why the name? this blog is named after some dumb comment i made during an interview in NUVO. i was joking about the Midwest Music Summit and how i already had the same idea for my own fest from a long time ago. total flop. much like my sarcasm in print.

anyway, i'm talking to you (me) now so that you hear me in the 'future' while i comment in the 'past', both of which will be happening in the 'now' of you reading this.

hoping to edit some of this freaking mass of video i have of live bands and put it all online before the NWO or the global mayan apocalypse or the supermassive earthquake that's due any minute under old faithful. whatever.

in the mean time i could post ramblings (much like this golden nugget of snooze) or stories, or reviews or news or predictions or philosophy or pictures or video of birds. or sweepstakes. or me just brainstorming random words together to get more google 'sniffs'. or whatever they call it.

either way, predict nothing = always be right.

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